Recruiter’s Guide to Smooth Interview Process with ChatGPT/ GPT4

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Imagine a world where the interview process is no longer tedious and time-consuming. Finding the perfect candidate feels like a breeze. Hrs make better, unbiased hiring decisions. Candidates enjoy a more engaging, personalized experience.

Sounds like a dream? Not anymore. ChaGPT is here to turn that imaginary world into the real world. 

Keep reading this blog to know how a recruiter like you can hire the best candidate without breaking the bank and back. 

How to utilize chatGPT for an interview?

✅ 1. Do recruitment market research

Understanding seasonal trends and behaviors can help recruiters and HR managers find fresh talent. Through studying the market, one can determine the going salary and establish specific goals and standards.

To understand what are the must-have skills you can ask ChatGPT

  • Add the job role and responsibilities
  • Also add the expected KPI

You can also use Bing Chat

  • Put the role you are hiring for
  • Also add your location and job responsibilities
  • Ask the average salary for the role

🖊️ 2. Write the job description

A comprehensive job description should be created before advertising the position or reviewing applications. That way, potential employees will know what is expected of them if they apply. Make sure you detail the expected tasks, tools, and responsibilities for potential hires. Those who can't picture themselves in the position will be quickly eliminated from consideration, saving both recruiters and candidates valuable time. Create your job posting with the end aim of luring in the best possible candidates in mind.

Here is how you can create the perfect JD to hit the right chord

  • Mention the job role and responsibilities
  • Add the skills you are looking for
  • Add other mandatory things like experience and expertise
  • Add the leaves and all the benefits will he candidate get
  • Also and “ Act like a seasoned recruiter” for the JD

Create Ads if needed

Often to attract the right candidates, you may need to do an Ad campaign. 

You can check previous Ad samples on Google from Bing Chat by simply asking it to scare them.

Then, according to your requirements you can craft the copy with ChatGPT.

Create creative Social Media Post for hiring

Only relying on job boards is not enough. Your candidates are GenZ and millenial. They are using social media as a tool to even find jobs.79% of job seekers utilize social media, and 70% of recruiting managers have used it successfully. So don't miss this opportunity to reach your dream candidate organically. 

Here is how you can use ChatGPT to create a LinkedIn post-

  • Paste ( CTRL+V) the JD
  • Ask it to create a LinkedIn post 
  • Also give additional information to make it crisp and a punchy hook


Use Midjourney to create eye-catching graphics for the job post.It is a generative AI and works just like ChatGPT

  • Step 1: Sign up for the Midjouney group on Discord.
  • Step 2: Go to a group for new users.
  • Step 3: Type the word /imagine.
  • Step 4: Wait until the AI makes the pictures.
  • Step 5: Look at the images that were made. You can enlarge them or make new variations.

👉 3. Reach out to the passive candidates

With Layoffs from all over the world, you shouldn't sleep over passive candidates. Searching for currently employed people with the intent of approaching them about job openings is one example of passive candidate sourcing. According to LinkedIn, 75% of the world's workforce consists of "passive talent". Once more, LinkedIn is your best bet for contacting them.

Candidate Searching using Boolean Search Strings

Using ChatGPT, create boolean search strings.

  • Put the key skills you are looking for 
  • And ask it to create a boolean search strings

Once you get the springs, paste it in LinkedIn search

Write custom email to the passive candidates

Once you go through the profiles you will find out the potential candidates. It’s time to invite them for the application. Create a compelling cold outreach email with ChatGPT

  • Add your a brief of the JD
  • Mention who you
  • Add where you found them
  • “ Act like a seasoned recruiter”

🪒 4. Shortlist the candidates

Gone are the days of dissecting piles of CVs and resumes to shortlist the candidates. ChatGPT accelerates the process. Here is how you can shortlist candidates within a minute

  • Copy-paste the resumes on ChatGPT or OpenAI playground 
  • “ Act like a seasoned recruiter”
  • Review the resumes

Set up a rubric system

A hiring rubric is a set of criteria for determining how candidates should be scored. Each member of the group can have an equal say in the evaluation process when employing a recruiting rubric, sometimes called a hiring matrix or hiring scorecard. It will also help you to mitigate the bias risk.

For the Prompt-

  • Ask “You are a recruiter at a SaaS company. You are looking for a [job role]”
  • Add “[ Job description]”
  • Next “Come up with a Quantitative rating rubric for this. I will then give you plain-text candidate resumes you'll rate them.”
  • After that, copy-paste the resume

🧑💻 5. Prepare the phone screening/ pre-interview questions

Prepare custom questions

You can make the questions even more specific by telling the program to act like a CEO. It will help you come up with a list of questions.

Create question banks

You can prepare questions for the assessment with ChatGPT

  • Add the role
  • Mention the skills you want to assess
  • You can also ask it to " act like a recruiter."

Add different types of questions

Generic questions are flooding on the Internet. Anyone can answer such questions. To evaluate the candidates better you can ask them different types of questions that will show their personality better. You also can understand if they are a good cultural fit for the organization.

Instead of phone screening you can utilize ChatGPT-powered Chatbots. It will be easier for you to organize the answers.

🔍 6. Evaluate the answers 

Leverage ChatGP’s Natural Language Processing feature. Using NLP it can review the answers. You can either add the transcripts of the voice/video call using Otter.AI or Zoom

👁️‍🗨️7. Evaluate skill sets

The pre-interview assessment and phone-screening can not help you to find out the technical skill and ability of the candidates. Assessing technical skills will help you to make better decisions. 

🪵8. Final review & feedback

You can assess the technical skills with the ChatGPT or GPT4 as well. Use the transcripts of the calls or the replies from the ChatBot conversation. 

Compare the shortlisting report card 

Add the evaluation score in the shortlisting report card. Total the score. Compare them. 

Note Down Feedback

Once you are done with the score, note down the feedback. So that you can share them with the candidates. 

🙌9. Send offer letter & Emails 

Both the interviewers and the candidates are in a race to fill an open position. Wasting time serves no one's purpose. Candidates may end up feeling "ghosted" and developing a negative impression of the organization as a result. 

If they get selected, congratulate them. 

They can improve themselves if they don't share your feedback with them.  

Is ChatGPT even safe?

Opt out your Data on ChatGPT:

  1. Go to this OpenAI Data Opt-Out Request.
  2. Enter the email address associated with the account.
  3. Enter the Organization ID.
  4. Put in your Organization Name found in your ChatGPT settings

5. Solve the Captcha, and the data opt-out form will be submitted to OpenAI.

Why should you utilize ChatGPT for the interview process?

Utilizing ChatGPT for the interview process can offer several benefits to employers and candidates alike. Here are some reasons why you should consider using ChatGPT for your interview process:

😎 Save time

ChatGPT can efficiently screen and rank candidates based on their qualifications, experience, and fit for the role. This can help reduce the time spent on manual review and shortlisting, freeing up valuable time for HR professionals and hiring managers.

💵 Cost-effective

Automating the interview process with ChatGPT can reduce the overall cost of hiring by minimizing the time and resources required for manual screening and interviews. This can lead to significant cost savings for businesses.

🤗 Bias-free 

ChatGPT can help reduce unconscious biases in the hiring process by evaluating candidates objectively and consistently based on their qualifications and experience, rather than on subjective factors such as appearance or first impressions.

💚 More accurate process 

By analyzing large volumes of data and using advanced algorithms, ChatGPT can provide a more accurate assessment of candidate suitability for a position. This can result in a better match between the candidate and the job, leading to higher employee satisfaction and reduced turnover.

😍 Candidate engagement

ChatGPT can provide a more interactive and engaging experience for candidates, offering personalized feedback and creating a more positive impression of the company. This can attract top talent and improve the overall candidate experience.

🤑 Improve employer brand image 

Embracing advanced technology like ChatGPT can portray a company as innovative and forward-thinking, making it more attractive to potential employees. By providing a streamlined and efficient interview process, businesses can enhance their reputation as an employer of choice.

Ready to reap the benefits?

The interview is the most crucial step of recruitment. A bad hire can cost you $17,000 to $240,000. Enough to bankrupt you. Skip the bad candidates and scoop up the best ones faster than your competitors with ChatGPT. Ready to integrate AI into your workflow today? Schedule a call today!

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