Unleash Unprecedented Growth with AI - GPT4, LLMs & NLP

We fine-tune, integrate & deploy LLMs (GPT4, ChatGPT, Falcon) and other generative AI technologies into existing products and services - enabling up to 20x increase in efficiency and up to 90% operational automation.

Our end-to-end solution covers everything from ideation, development to integration in 6-10 weeks.

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Clients in Real Estate, Fitness, Sales & more

Let's solve problems only YOU know exist.

We've consulted with lawyers, real estate consultants, accounts, home services businesses, you name it - every one has a spreadsheet that only kinda does what they need to do.

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    Financial models & budgeting tools for accounting firms?
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    Revenue prediction in real estate for rental properties?
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    Deal evaluation calculators for M&A firms in a specific industry?

We convert it into an app that reduces the time & money you spend on your operations. Together we help you monetise it by selling it as an add-on for your service

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"Working with Ionio has been a game changer for my business. I can be confident that what I need to happen, happens. Do not sleep on these guys!"
Thomas Manwaring
CEO & Founder

Our Work

Case Studies

We help enterprises dominate their industries by integrating generative AI technologies into their products - multiplying their success tenfold.

We've done this exact same thing several times over for several companies in real-estate, ecom, legal, finance & more.

GPT-powered Ecommerce Product Categorization Platform

We designed, developed and scaled Pumice.ai, a GPT AI-powered ecommerce product categorization platform for ecommerce shops - from an MVP in 2 months. Team of 2. Built Pumice for Width.ai.

Pumice processes millions of ecommerce product records every single day.
  • Reduces over 90% of the manual labor required for PIM and catalog management
  • 15x faster than with manual effort on PIM-related tasks
  • Boosts organic traffic and conversions with more complete product data
  • Compares millions of products descriptions & images everyday.

AI-powered Real Estate Rev. Optimization Platform

We built an AI-powered revenue optimization platform in 4 months with a team of 3 engineers for a real-estate consultancy in Utah. Now, property management companies use it to predict rents across thousands of multi-family units.
  • Saved +15 hours/week/client by automatically pulling in the real-estate data
  • Saved +18 hours/week/client by turning excel sheets into apps to run the numbers
  • Real-time dashboard means no unnecessary check-in calls - saved +1.5 hours/week/client
  • 20x faster than manual human labour.
“We’ve had the opportunity of working with best full stack software engineering company in the biz.  Ionio makes it happen." - 🎞️ Watch Testimonial
Greg, Founder

AI-powered Fitness Platform with Scheduling, Video Streaming, Gamification & Ecom

We built the entire technical infrastructure for FIT24, a fitness startup based in Taiwan - 2 iOS/Android mobile apps & 3 websites in 6 months with a team of 4.

The platform allows gym-goers to manage their memberships, book classes, stream exclusive digital content, collect in-app tokens & buy fitness supplements all through the app.
  • Automated away +25 hours/week at the reception desk  by allowing gym members to manage their own subscriptions
  • Implemented gamification to reward members for check-ins, time spent at the gym, referrals & similar interactions.
  • Saved +40 hours/week for management by allowing gym members to book classes on their own
  • Built Taiwan's first online/offline mobile fitness experience - that allowed new members to sign up to a gym in just 2 minutes
“The Ionio team is just fire. Want something done fast? “Yep Yep”. Want something cool and innovative? “We can do that”. Nothing is beyond their reach....”.
Brooke Daye, CEO & Founder

AI-powered Email Outreach Tool for Digital Agencies

We built an email outreach tool aimed at small digital agencies for our client Thomas Manwaring, an experienced sales leader. It took us 5 months & a team of 3 engineers. Agencies now pay a monthly recurring fee to use it.
  • Automated away 7.5 hours/week of sales work by automatically sending emails on their behalf
  • Saved 7 hours/week/client by turning excel sheets into a CRM to track the sales process
  • Added a comprehensive dashboard & opens & deliverability tracking - ~2X reply rates on outreach emails
"Working with Ionio has been a game changer for my business. The way they can take my vision and turn it into a reality better than I imagined is second to none."
Thomas Manwaring, Founder

What do we do?

AI Partnerships

We help enterprises join the AI revolution - through long-term technical partnerships.

How do we do it?

Our Process

A real example of the work we did with our client Greg Warner, a real estate consultant. read his reivew

Step 1. The Idea

Greg, a real estate consultant wastes ~8 hours/week/client pulling in the data, running the numbers & walking over spreadsheets with his clients.

It’s repetitive, time-consuming & all his competitors do the exact same thing - He has an idea! 💡

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Step 2. Propose a solution

Our team envisions a product to automate ~85% his service - everything that was previously done with excel & through meetings will now be in a single platform.

Custom built for his clients - a unique competitive advantage that no other real estate consultant will have.

Step 4. Sell & Monetize

The platform saves Greg the ~8-hours/week/client.

Client satisfaction & retention is high because the tool is built with them in mind.

Every week, he marches over to his bank to withdraw the ungodly amounts of money he's now making

eh, okay maybe not that last bit

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“We’ve had the opportunity of working with best full stack software engineering company in the biz.  Ionio makes it happen”.
Greg, Founder - Revvy


"Working with Ionio has been a game changer for my business. I can be confident that what I need to happen, happens. The way they can take my vision and turn it into a reality better than I imagined is second to none. To top it off.. their communication is always quick and on time. Do not sleep on these guys!"

Thomas Manwaring

Hypemail - Founder & CEO

"We’ve had the opportunity of working with best full stack software engineering company in the biz. Ionio makes it happen. They go above and beyond in everything they do. We’re honestly not sure when they sleep, but we’re grateful they’ve treated our project as if it was their own. Crushing deadlines, exceeding expectation, and attention to detail are all things that we consistently experience with Ionio. They’ve taken our vision and gave it the Ionio touch. They make the seemingly impossible, possible. Love working with this crew!  Awesome group!"

Greg Warner

Revvy - Founder

We'd be happy to refer your work in future.

Anshula Chowdhury

Social Asset Measurements - Toronto, Ontario

"I had the pleasure of working with Rohan and his team, and it was a truly enlightening experience. They guided us through a thorough Discovery phase, asking the right questions and genuinely listening to our needs. What impressed me the most was their ability to understand our concept and transform it into something concrete. They provided what we needed, not just what we asked for.

The collaboration involved creating flow diagrams and a first draft proof of concept, showcasing their capabilities. This allowed us to propose the idea to clients and gauge its viability.

Ionio's creativity and willingness to challenge our concepts were outstanding. They provided valuable guidance and made the creative process exciting.I highly recommend Ionio for their expertise, professionalism, and ability to turn ideas into tangible solutions."

Eric Bort

ClearlyTrained - Founder & CEO

"We needed to automate our monthly internal workflow to save time. I found Rohan, and his communication was excellent. They understood our needs, budget constraints, and North American business practices. We collaborated on the project workflow using flowcharts, Loom videos, and a Google Sheets mock-up. Rohan quickly understood and improved upon my ideas. They were transparent about pricing, timelines, and obstacles we faced. The fixed price agreement gave us peace of mind.

Ionio delivered the software on time and adapted to changes in our workflows. They were committed to project success and building a long-term relationship. The software saves us around 100shrs/ month and eliminates the need for virtual assistants. It streamlines our processes and facilitates scaling.

I highly recommend reaching out to Ionio for their exceptional work. Thank you, Rohan and Ionio!"

Jake Valentine

DealFlow - Founder

We'd be happy to refer your work in future.

Anshula Chowdhury

Social Asset Measurements - Toronto, Ontario

"Shout out to Rohan & the team at Ionio for their flawless communication and outstanding work on our SaaS project. We were facing a payment problem in the influencer agency space and needed technical talent…Rohan's communication was excellent, and he even suggested valuable improvements for our product. We provided designs and core functionality, and within eight weeks, they helped us ship our MVP. Rohan & the team at Ionio were proactive in debugging and implementing fixes. It was an incredible experience working with them.

I highly recommend Ionio for AI and SaaS projects. Thank you!"

Dean Sloves

PayBatch - Founder & CEO

We'd be happy to refer your work in future.

Anshula Chowdhury

Social Asset Measurements - Toronto, Ontario

"We consulted with the lonio team on a crucial piece of Infrastructure we were blocked on. In Just 2 sessions, they were able to unblock us and helped save thousands $$$. In trial and error cost. lf you're a bootstrapped SaaS founder. it's easy to skip critical infrastructure decisions that impact the long-term health of your software. This knowledge is usually very costly (either in time or in dev cost), so consulting with someone like Rohan and his team is a no-brainer if you need clarity on to what the best steps forward are. Do it even before you start coding, or as soon as possible! Bonus: Rohan is always happy to extend sessions and truly help out."

Yash Chavan

Saral - Founder & CEO

"Ionio has been exceptional. They have been accommodating with cultural and language barriers, and their availability during our working hours has made communication seamless. They provided valuable expertise and suggestions for our product roadmap. They consistently deliver on time with minimal bugs. Overall, Ionio has been the perfect partner for our outsourced development needs, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration in the future."

TJ Grottfried

Veerview - Founder & CEO

We'd be happy to refer your work in future.

Anshula Chowdhury

Social Asset Measurements - Toronto, Ontario

"Ionio has been a trusted partner to Recommendify for the last year. Their CEO Rohan is an invaluable source of advice on emerging technology trends and building remote teams in a cost-effective way."

Evan Dempsy

Recommendify - CEO

Rohan Sawant, the CEO of Ionio does excellent consulting work for my business. I can't say enough good things about him and his team of associates. He's a great guy to work with and he works hard for us. He has extensive technical knowledge of Web Development, Programming & Online Marketing. He's is always organized, responsive and accountable. He takes pride in his work and is highly motivated. He's a talented guy with a good work ethic. I could recommend him for all sorts of work and know he would do a good job.

Michael Stewart

US Commercial Photography Business Owner

The Ionio team is just fire. Want something done fast? “Yep Yep”. Want something cool and innovative? “We can do that”. Nothing is beyond their reach. They are available to chat, strategize and revise. Simply put - they get it done and we enjoy working with them. Great people!

Brooke D. Daye

FIT24 - Founder & CEO

We'd be happy to refer your work in future.

Anshula Chowdhury

Social Asset Measurements - Toronto, Ontario

Rohan and his team definitely know what they're talking about when it comes to building software. As an engineer myself, I can totally vouch for Rohan and his team! They're not one of those devs where they fuck you over with overpriced quotes and crappy made projects. Man really knows how to deliver, and most importantly -- executing fast on that.

Kristian Ivanov


Holy SMOKES! I had the pleasure of getting to meet with Rohan and he patiently walked me through a ton of answers I've had about the SaaS game and the technical side of SaaS (where I'm most in the dark). Extremely helpful, sharp, highly recomended!

Brittany McDaniel

Text An Offer - CEO

I reached out to Rohan when I was looking for a development agency to build a SaaS for me. He was able to come up with the basic architecture within like 30 minutes then quickly sent over a technical overview, cost estimate, risks, limitations and more. Rohan even went out of his way to research and refer me to a few relevant projects - all based off a short description I gave Rohan of what I wanted. I was impressed by not only his technical proficiency but also his speed and transparency. Rohan knows his tech, I'd. happily trust him to build a SaaS for me any day. 

Steve Caruso

CEO - Cold Email Champs

I am a follower of Rohan on Twitter and I was always impressed by how well he understood SaaS. I was curious and had some questions about services and how he validates product ideas. I jumped on a call with Rohan at Ionio. I was impressed by Rohan's experience and advice he gave me on idea validation. If you are looking to get a SaaS or an App built, I would happily trust guys over at Ionio

Krisztian Gyuris

Kadabra Labs

Rohan (& the team) at Ionio provided excellent consulting on the development of our software application process coupled with insights into customer success and application. He inquired, listened, and provided solutions to help me, with selfless regard only for my own interest. If there is anyone interested in building software to help themselves or their customers' success, Rohan is the man for the job.

Ian Baun

Founder, Olexicon

"If you're in the exploratory, initial phase of your App Development venture, I highly encourage Rohan & the team at Ionio as a guide to walk you through it. They are the kind of personalities you need right now."

"Communication with Rohan is always warm, straightforward, and based on bidirectional trust that money just cannot buy. If you cannot afford to get it wrong the first time, you should go with Rohan."

SaaS Tux


I have had the delight and pleasure to be acquainted with Rohan Sawant over the past few years… He has made valuable contributions to the online community that we are both members… The projects that I have seen him work on have beencommunicated in a fashion that provokes interest and further questions… There is also the willingness to ask for information from other areas, and incorporateimportant concepts into his projects…  I look forward to the continuing progress of Rohan's work – this is one to watch.

Arlene Andrews

Context Tester / Writer

I had a new idea for a SaaS and was looking to validate the idea. I came across Rohan and we outlined some plans to get from A to B faster. Saving me a couple of days of planning, priceless.

SaaS Sniper

I approached Rohan for his suggestion regarding an issue I was trying to resolve. He has responded pretty soon and suggested few changes in the code which worked out in resolving the issue. He has good knowledge of various aspects of Web frameworks in Python. Thank you for your response and suggestions.

Naren Vema

Lead Developer at National Collateral Management Services

I had an issue with AWS Kinesis Video Stream SDK CPP library for compiling and building G Streamer plugin for kinesis video stream service. I found that Rohan was one of the contributor for the library and I hit him up for a solution. With his great python knowledge and experience using docker, he suggested me the best solution that I could get for the problem. He was really responsive and professional in his way of explaining on how to tackle the issue.

Harkirat Grewal

Student Researcher at WIMTACH

Not many people can be so efficient and helpful as Rohan was. He is knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. When I was going through the hardships of my current project, he was somebody that I trusted and  looked toward for guidance and advice. His overall presence had a positive impact on my work along with my individual knowledge. He helped me in understanding Azure infrastructure and many more. I'm sure he'll be an asset to any organization he joins.

Chaitanya Lakshmi Indukuri

AWS Certified Solutions Architect

Rohan has an extremely strong grasp over the intricacies, complexities, and Challenges of working with Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Software in general. I reached out to Rohan when I needed help with an OpenCV Python issue I was having trouble with. He was surprisingly excited to help me with it, Rohan was able to fix something less than an hour. He even went on to answer my corresponding Stack Overflow. So that others could benefit from it as well. Rohan is technically strong, a real people person and someone whom I can see myself collaborating with for several projects to come in the near future.

Sajjad Rostami

AI PhD Student

Working with Rohan and his team at Ionio, has been a fantastic experience for GrowthLab Limited. We do b2b cold outreach, so we book sales meetings for our clients through cold email. I had an idea for a campaign and I didn't know how to figure it out at all. Rohan quickly understood my requirements. The professionalism and efficiency displayed by Rohan and his team were impressive. The communication was clear, and the work was presented well. Rohan's ability to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical individuals was crucial.I highly recommend working with Rohan for any technical projects. His understanding of both the technical aspects and the needs of non-technical individuals is unparalleled. If you're looking for someone who can deliver excellent results and provide a seamless experience, Ionio is the perfect choice.

Eanna Mac Gearailt

GrowthLab growthlab.ie

Ionio are true professionals. Rohan took the time to understand our business needs, helped us setup an efficient cold emailing automation system, and patiently walked us through the entire process. It is rare to find a company that is as transparent, reliable, and committed as Ionio. Highly recommend!

Jared AE

Winchester College

Working with Ionio was a game-changer for our company. Their team's expertise and professionalism elevated our software to new heights. From cleaning up our codebase to implementing advanced CI/CD processes, they exceeded our expectations. Communication was seamless, and their dedication to quality is unparalleled. I highly recommend Ionio for anyone seeking top-notch software development services.

Shaun Brown

Orbit Metrics - Founder & CEO

Working with Ionio was a pivotal decision for our startup journey. Their audacity and professionalism, coupled with their responsiveness, made them an indispensable partner in swiftly delivering our MVP. Despite the time zone challenges, their effective communication ensured smooth problem-solving. Ionio's stoicism in facing inevitable challenges and their commitment to excellence truly sets them apart. I would gladly collaborate with them again on future ventures.

Michael Guimarin

Wordout - Founder & CEO

We'd be happy to refer your work in future.

Anshula Chowdhury

Social Asset Measurements - Toronto, Ontario

Working with Rohan and the team at Ionio has been an exceptional experience for us. From their super responsiveness to their personable approach, they've exceeded our expectations. They built us a wonderful MVP that we were able to take to market and really grow from there. I highly recommend working with them.

Reid Chong

Dex - Co-Founder

Choosing Ionio for our software development needs was one of the best decisions we've made. Rohan and his team not only understood our requirements but also brought invaluable insights and ideas to the table. The ROI on our investment with Ionio has been exceptional, yielding multiple six figures in revenue. Their professionalism, dedication, and innovative solutions have truly set them apart. I wholeheartedly recommend Ionio to anyone seeking reliable and efficient development partners.

Alexander Pryor

PSA 10 Invesment Group - Co-Founder

Ionio exceeded our expectations in every aspect of building our MVP. Their ability to understand our vision, fill in the gaps in our requirements, and deliver a high-quality product within a tight timeline was truly impressive. The team's professionalism and dedication shone through, especially during the stressful launch period, where their round-the-clock support and quick resolution of issues were invaluable. With Ionio's expertise, we not only launched a successful MVP but also gained confidence in our product's potential. Working with Ionio was a game-changer for our startup journey!

Brad Milne

SupplierHQ - Co-Founder

"Ionio is a good partner for startups because they are willing to work with the client throughout the entire development process.  This was essential for me as I didn't have a lot of experience building software products."

"Ionio is willing to take the time to understand the client's needs and build a product that meets their specific requirements.  This was invaluable to me as I was starting out and didn't have a clear vision for what the final product should look like."

Ryan Samii

Standard Draft - Founder & CEO


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