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Finding and hiring new talent has never been child's play. It can be overwhelming when you think about how many different resources you need to bring into play throughout the recruitment process. 

2023, like any other year, is way more unpredictable. The current financial situation is complicated. People are losing their jobs at various companies. Employees continue to leave the company. 

So what can you do to salvage your business? Creating a positive reputation as an employer is key. Can you guess why? To find out the answer, keep on reading.

employer branding with ChatGPT

What is an Employer Brand?

Employer branding is an approach that aims to shape how employees and potential hires think about a company. Employer branding, in contrast to consumer branding, is directed at an organization's current staff and potential new hires. So, it's a strategy for keeping your best workers and finding new ones through effective communication.

Let's imagine Company A and Company B both need software developers.

Company A's employer brand is well-known for its emphasis on employee feedback and its dedication to teamwork. They maintain an active presence on social media. There they highlight their employees' achievements and their organization's charitable work. They also provide prospects for professional growth and advancement and excellent compensation and benefits packages.

On the other hand, Company B does not have a strong reputation as an employer. They don't promote their corporate culture or employee benefits on social media, and their presence there is minimal at best. Another complaint is that management is unresponsive to staff issues and that advancement possibilities are limited.

Both offers are competitive compensation and work. But a software engineer who values a supportive work environment and career growth opportunities is more likely to apply to Company A than Company B. 

Company A's good employer reputation gives it an edge in hiring top talent.

Why Should You Consider Building an Employer Brand?

employer branding with ChatGPT

🔋1. Attract the best talent

People are more likely to desire to work for a firm if they have heard positive things about how the company treats its employees. This may seem common sense, yet many businesses put their profit margins and competitive edge ahead of maintaining a positive reputation in their field. 

If an organization manages its employer brand well, 75% of actively seeking workers will apply for open positions. A strong and unique employer brand is essential to attract and retaining top candidates, and this statistic supports that idea.

🎶 2. Boost enthusiasm and spirit in the workplace

Employer branding is focused on how you treat your employees, how your employees interact with consumers, and how your firm interacts with other stakeholders. 

Employee morale will naturally rise if they have a positive experience working for your company, which is one advantage of employer branding. When employees sense that they are contributing to something beneficial, they engage authentically with their tasks and fellow employees. 

ChatGPT for employer branding

😊 3. Save money on the hiring process

If your company has a strong employer brand, top candidates will actively seek you out. Research has shown that organizations with positive employer brands obtain twice as many applications as companies with unfavorable branding. This reduces the cost of finding new employees for organizations. 

The greater the number of candidates, the more likely you will locate qualified people who can help your business thrive.

🤞4. Gain trust

The company's culture and practices are permeated with a positive employer brand. Everyone likes to be in a company that values workers and considers the wider world when making decisions. 

ChatGPT for employer branding

🧑‍🎤4. Get a leg up on the competition

Gaining an advantage over the competition is crucial in highly competitive markets. Building a solid reputation as an employer can set you apart from the competition. 

According to the research, organizations with a high level of inclusion are 1.4 times as productive and 120% more likely to achieve their financial goals. This study supports the theory that strengthening your company's employer brand might help you attract and retain top talent.

How Can ChatGPT Help You to Boost Your Employer Brand?

👁️‍🗨️1. Start with reviewing employee and candidate reviews

Checking for the best places to work lists and employer review sites like Glassdoor and Indeed is a good first step. Using these platforms, you may learn how current and past workers perceive your business and brand as an employer. 

Respond to the reviews, both positive and negative, if you aren't currently doing so. Doing so will demonstrate to the reviewer and anybody else who reads the review that you value their thoughts and opinions. 

Also, collect these reviews and paste them into ChatGPT. Using its natural language processing feature and sentiment analysis, it analyzes the review. From the output, you can take the necessary steps to improve employer engagement.

For the prompt-

  • Ask ChatGPT to act like an employer brand strategist.
  • Paste the review
  • Ask it to go through the review
ChatGPT prompt to review employee and candidate reviews

🧑‍💻 2. Conduct a survey

Don't stop asking your present staff for their thoughts. Do surveys to learn what keeps them at your company and what might make them leave. Include questions about where they heard about your company and how they applied to the survey. This will shed light on which channels are drawing in the best applicants. 

Here is how you can set survey questions-

  • Ask ChatGPT to act like an HR
  • Mention what is your survey goal
  • Ask it to create questions
  • Direct it to customize the content according to your needs

hatGPT propmt to prepare survey questions

😎 3. Improve your candidate experience

Applicants get a taste of what it would be like to work for your firm, not only current employees. Candidates will remember how smooth and quick the interview process was. It helps your company's reputation as an employer. 

Built a ChatGPT-powered ChatBot to help the employees and candidates. If the candidates face any problem, they can reach out anytime. Your employees can also do the same.

Another way to keep them engaged is by creating personalized content like Email and SMS. It takes you a step closer to their hearts. 

Write better prompts for the finest customized email-

  • What is the reason for creating this email?
  • Ask it to act like a recruiter
  • Instruct to keep it short or crisp
  • Also, guide it about the tone and voice

Improve candidate experience with ChatGPT

You can avoid haphazard, incorrectly scheduled, and out-of-context interviews with a personalized approach. These allow you to stay in touch with employees and candidates.

💙 4. Refresh LinkedIn company profile

Candidates no longer need to rely solely on physical locations to evaluate a company's potential value. When searching for a new job, many potential employees visit the company's corporate website or LinkedIn page. The greatest way to express your organization's culture and perks to prospects while still respecting their time constraints is through succinct, informative corporate pages.

Refresh or create a top-notch LinkedIn profile from scratch with ChatGPT

  • Ask it to act as a marketing manager with great copywriting skills
  • Add your company details
  • Add your brand tone and voice and USP 
  • Also, ask it to keep it short and to the point
ChatGPT prompt to create company profile

🖊️ 5. Ditch old-school job posts

Your job posts and hiring advertising may be a candidate's first impression of your organization, so make sure they stand out and set expectations. But if you find they aren't attracting the quality of applicants you'd hoped for, you may need to think outside the box. 

Nowadays, many people have side hustles, and even those who don't may have interests they love. GenZs and millenials are impacting these. They are definitely different from prior generations. That's not news to Atlassian. The current careers page for the software company highlights employees' participation in outside activities.

In addition to using it as a source of ideas, you can use it to give prospective employees a glimpse of the corporate culture they would be joining.

CharGPT prompt for job post

This is one example of how you can sell to your candidates without getting overboard. 

  • Ask ChatGPT to act like a recruiter with great copywriting skills
  • Enter the job role you are looking for
  • Add an employee recommendation
  • Ask it to write this review in the post and generate a social media post highlighting the key benefits
ChatGPT prompt for unique job post

💚 6. Revamp your website

Canva's employer branding with website content

It is true that job seekers research companies using social media. However, to construct your employer brand, you must also establish yourself as a leader in your field. Your website serves as your personal recreation area.

Make sure the information on your website shows why your client made the best decision of their life by working with you.

Utilize ChatGPT to create website content-

  • As it to ask as a marketing manager
  • Add about the company
  • Clearly mention what your company offers
  • Ask it to write the content showing the wins
  • Ask it to match the company’s tone and voice
  • Mention to make it persuasive
ChatGPT for creating employer brand content

Chatgpt prompt to create website content for companies

🔍7. Utilize content to show your USP 

You should pinpoint and hone your USP to attract and retain talented employees. This involves analyzing what makes your company desirable in terms of culture, values, benefits, professional growth prospects, work-life balance, or other distinctive qualities. They find out your target audience, which includes future recruits, present employees, and other stakeholders.

NASA's brilliant content marketing

Understanding the target audience's tastes, needs, and motivations will help create engaging content showcasing the USP.
Create a stellar content strategy with ChatGPT

  • Ask it to act like a content strategist
  • Describe your business
  • Add what you want to showcase through your content
  • Mention that you want the content not to be old-school
  • Add your target audience
ChatGPT prompt to create social media content for company page

Again use ChatGPT to create the content 

  • Mention what you want to do or how you want to help your employees with the content
  • Add target audience 
  • Add tone and sentence guidelines for better outcome
  • Mention content format
ChatGPT prompt to boost employer brandig through content

Don’t forget to distribute your content on different platforms. 

Repurpose your content with ChatGPT

  • Simply ask it to turn that post to another format
ChatGPT prompt to repurpose content

👜 8. Offer employee training 

Offering employees training programs shows a company's dedication to employee growth and development. It is more appealing to new hires. Employees are more inclined to remain with a company that supports their career growth opportunities. Training also improves their efficiency and effectiveness on the job. 

Employee training programs create a supportive, motivated, and appreciated workplace. Investing in employees' growth and development communicates the message that they are valuable assets and that the firm is devoted to their success. It increases employee engagement and loyalty.
But creating a training program is no cakewalk. You probably have to hire a new team member or your existing members forcefully have to do it.
But ChatGPT makes it easy for you. Here is how you can create an employee training program with ChatGPT 

  • Mention the program title
  • Include who is it for
  • Add what are the topics this program should cover
  • Mention how it should be ( interactive, engaging, informational, and accessible)
ChatGPT prompt to create employee training content to boost employer content

💜 9. Support diversity 

You should have clear, all-encompassing policies on diversity and inclusion that show your commitment to making the workplace a place where everyone feels welcome. You can take a small step by wishing them different events.
Leverage multilingual content with ChatGPT

  • Describe the scenario
  • Mention the event
  • Ask it to write the email in a concise manner
  • Put the tone guideline
  • Once the email is crafted, ask it to change the words/ phrases you want in which language. ( like we asked it to change “ Shubho Noboborsho” in Bengali)
ChatGPT to create custom content
ChatGPT to create multilingual content

Non-negotiable benefits of boosting employer brand with ChatGPT

benefits of boosting employer brand with ChatGPT

🤞 Enhanced Employee Engagement 

Using ChatGPT to create engaging and relevant content, companies can effectively communicate their employer brand message to employees. This can increase employee engagement as employees feel connected and aligned with the company's values, vision, and culture.

✅ Expanded Reach and Multilingual Communication 

ChatGPT can help companies create multilingual content, enabling them to communicate their employer brand message to a diverse workforce, customers, and stakeholders in their preferred language. This can expand the reach of the employer brand and ensure effective communication across language barriers.

benefits of boosting employer brand with ChatGPT

🚀 Improved Talent Acquisition and Retention 

A strong employer brand can attract top talent and help with employee retention. Using ChatGPT to create compelling content that showcases the company's unique value proposition can position it as an attractive employer of choice, leading to higher-quality applicants and increased employee loyalty.

🙌 Competitive Advantage

Companies with a strong employer brand are more likely to have a competitive advantage in the job market. Using ChatGPT to create unique and compelling content that sets the company apart from competitors, companies can differentiate themselves and attract top talent seeking a supportive and inclusive work environment.

benefits of boosting employer brand with ChatGPT

,🌟 Increased Employee Advocacy

Employees who are proud of their employer brand are likely to become brand advocates and promote the company's values and culture. By using ChatGPT to create content that resonates with employees, companies can encourage them to share the content on their social media channels, increasing positive brand exposure and advocacy.

💵 Cost-effective

From content writing to analyzing content tools, ChatGPT covers it all for you. So you don't need extra hundred tools to work on your employer brand. 

benefits of boosting employer brand with ChatGPT

🪟 Organized process

Again as ChatGPT declutters unnecessary tools, your workflow becomes smooth and well-organized.

🪵 Boost productivity

As a tool, ChatGPT automates most of your mundane tasks. ChatBots for better communication to create strategic content assist you in every way possible. So you don't need to spend too much time on tedious tasks.

benefits of boosting employer brand with ChatGPT

Ready to reap the benefits? 

ChatGPT leaves no room for doubt that it not only boosts the employer brand but also helps you to save money, time, and energy. So focus on your business and let ChatGPT take responsibility for your growth! Schedule a call with our CEO Rohan for more!

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